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It is 100% certain you're headed for Hell  ...   for rejecting the Catholic Dogma  ...   Warning: There are no bishops or priests in these times
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1.   The Original Sin of Adam closed Heaven for all men (sanctifying grace was lost) ... Hell became the only possible destination for the immortal souls of men.
2.   God re-opened Heaven by founding the Catholic Church and re-introducing sanctifying grace to men's souls ... the same grace which Adam and Eve had lost.

                          We are currently in the Great Apostasy (world-wide rejection of God's Catholic Dogma), these warnings apply:
3.   Warning 1:  A non-Catholic anti-Christ cult (the vatican-2 heretic cult) took over all Catholic properties on 8 Dec 1965 ("v-2 council" close date).        [Section 12, 13]
4.   Warning 2:  No one Ordained those that you think are Priests ... all Bishops of the "v-2 council" were automatically excommunicated on 8 Dec 1965.     [Section 13.2]
5.   Warning 3:  Your fake "priests" turned you into heretics ... the stage shows are not Mass ... participation in the vatican-2 heresy excommunicates.    [Section 13.2.2]
6.   Warning 4:  Top level view ... why there is not a single Catholic Bishop or Priest in the world. God's Catholic Church is devastatingly small in numbers. [Section 13.6]
                          All vatican-2-ists:  You are excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  You must Abjure your heresy.  * * Click * * >  Section 40

7.    One can still be Catholic and get to Heaven with a proper baptism in water [Section 7] ... believing the Dogmas ... and keeping free from mortal sin.    [Section 10.1]
8.    All grace, both actual and sanctifying grace, starts with God and comes into the world ... by way of the Blessed Virgin ... as Jesus Christ Himself did.  [Section 4, 4.4]
9a.  The Old Testament Israelite religion was the Catholic Faith unfulfilled ... the "judaism" fable started about 200 B.C.  Jesus Christ was not a jew.  [Section 39.1, 39.4]
9b.  The "koran" is wrong ... Mohammed was not a prophet ... "allah" does not exist.  The so called "allah god" makes countless errors in the "koran".        [Section 113]
10.  All baptized heretics are excommunicated from Christianity and headed for Hell ... with the world's pagans (those not properly baptized in water).     [Section 7.2, 8]

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Romans 2:13  >  "For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified."

James 2:20  >  "Know ... that faith without works is dead."       (Section 28 lists ... over 50 scriptures on works)
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(Note: This Section is repeated as Section 66.1)

The Plot Against the Church ... a Book apparently written by people
in the un-baptized pagan group who call themselves jews ...
using the psuedonym "Maurice Pinay", published 1962

~     ~     ~


This Section lists the table of contents of this book by "Maurice Pinay", published in 1962. We believe this book was written by un-baptized pagans, who call themselves jews, for a number of reasons:

- The pack of lies referred to as the "king james bible" was used to quote scripture
- Hereitcs are referred to as "Christians" when there is no such thing as Christiantity outside of the Catholic Church
- Deference is paid to the apostate who called himself "John XXIII"
- The accurate detail of the effort put forth on behalf of Satan, for the subversion of the Church, by the pagans who call themselves jews.

The un-baptized pagans who call themselves jews have often bragged, and taken credit for starting heresies during the history of the Church. This book is one more instance of taking this "credit" and identifying their efforts to send souls into Hell forever since there is no salvation (getting to Heaven) outside of the Catholic Church.

We've placed Sections 12.2, 12.3, 66.1, and 66.2 on this web-site in the same vain as Pope Pius IX ordering the publication of the Alta Vendita (jew-heretic instructions for trying to damage the Catholic Church) to warn people of how the anti-Christs operate. The "Roman Church and Revolution" included the Alta Vendita papers which fell into the hands of Pope Gregory XVI.

- - - -

Simply reading the table of contents will help the reader realize that the greatest enemy of their immortal souls and of Western Civilization (which is the product of God's Catholic Church) are the jews.

  Throughout the below text, when you you see the word "communism" read: un-baptized pagans who refer to themselves as jews.

  When you see the word "jew" read: un-baptized pagan in the "talmudic judaism" fable which started in 200 B.C.

  The religion of the Old Testament Israelites was the Catholic Faith unfulfilled. This Old Testament religion ended when God tore the Temple veil in two from the top down. The Catholic God then allowed the Romans to take down the temple of Jerusalem and end the animal sacrifices which pre-figured the Sacrifice of the Son of God on the Cross, the founder of the Catholic Church (See Section 62).

  The Plot Against the Church (about 300 pg) is online at: www.Catholicvoice.co.uk/pinay
The top level domain: www.Catholicvoice.co.uk only shows the url label - Catholicvoice.co.uk
Caution: Keep in mind this book was written by the un-baptized pagans who call themselves jews.
Caution: The top level of this website (if it returns) may include a link to heretic Michael Hoffman, simply ignore this anti-Christ.

  Quotes have been placed around certain words which are not in the published book to help the uninitiated understand what is fraudulent.

  In various places in this book you will see heretic "protestants" referred to as "Christians". Heretics are not Christians because holding to a single heresy against the Catholic Dogma causes your automatic excommunication from Christianity ... which is only the Catholic Church because Christ founded only the Catholic Church and did not not help start any of the heresies ("lutheran", "baptist", "evangelical", "methodist", etc.) Calling heretics "Christains" is one of the most popular lies of the heretics and the un-baptized pagans who call themselves jews.

Table of Contents of: The Plot Against the Church

Part 1: The Secret Driving Force of Communism

1. Communism as Destroyer
2. The Creators of the System
3. The Head of Communism
4. The Financiers of Communism
5. jewish Testimony

Part 2: The Power Concealed Behind Freemasonry

1. Freemasonry as Enemy of the Church and of Christianity
2. The jews as Founders of Freemasonry
3. The jews as the Leaders of the Freemasons
4. Crimes of Freemasonry
5. Freemasonry as Spreader of the Jacobin Revolutions
6. Freemasonry Favors and Spreads Communism, Which is a jewish Creation

Part 3: The Synagogue of Satan

1. jewish Striving for Power
2. More Concerning the jewish "religion"
3. Curses of God Against the jews
4. Bloodbaths Ordered by God Among the jews as Punishment (Bible)
5. "Anti-semitism" and Christianity
6. Christ, Our Lord: The Symbol of "Anti-semitism", So the jews Assert
7. The God Murdering People
8. The Apostles Condemn the jews On Account of the Murder of Christ
9. Morality of Struggle, and not Deadly Defeatism
10. The jews Kill the Christians and Murder the Apostles
11. The Roman Persecutions Were Called Forth Through the jews

Part 4: The jewish Fifth Column in the Clergy

1. The Octopus Strangling Christianity
2. The Origin of the Fifth Column
3. The "Fifth Column" In Action
4. jewry, the Father of the Gnostics
5. The jew Arius and his Heresy
6. The jews as Allies of Julian the Apostate
7. Saint John Chrysostom & Saint Ambrose Condemn the jews
8. Saint Cyrill of Alexandria Conquers Nestor and Expels the jews
9. The Folk-Wandering, a Triumph of the Arian jews
10. Catholic Victory
11. The Third Toledo Council removes the jews From Public Offices
12. The Fourth Toledo Council Declares the Bishops and Clergy Supporting the jews to be Blasphemers, and Excommunicates Them
13. Condemnation of Kings and Catholic Clergy, who are Negligent in their Struggle Against Clandestine jewry
14. The Church Combats Secret jewry, Excommunication of the Negligent Bishops
15. The 16th Council of Toledo holds the Destruction of the "jewish Fifth Column" to be Necessary
16. The 17th Council of Toledo punishes the jewish Conspiracies with slavery
17. Christian-jewish "Reconciliation": Prelude to Collapse
18. The jews Betray their loyalest friends
19. The Church Councils fight jewry
20. An Attempt to bring the Holy Roman Germanic Empire under jewish rule
21. The Council of Meaux Combats Open and Secret jews
22. jewish Terror in Castile in the 14th Century
23. The jews Betray their most Magnanimous protectors
24. jewish Infiltration in the Clergy
25. A jewish Cardinal becomes Pope
26. Saint Bernard and Saint Norbert Free the Church from the Clutches of jewry
27. A jewish Republican Revolution in the 12th Century
28. The Quintessence of the jewish Revolutions; Secular attacks against traditions of the Church
29. Secret jewry and the Heresies of the Middle Ages; The Albigensians
30. The jews as most dangerous enemies of the Church. The Waldenses
31. The Great Pope Gregory VII (Hildrebrand) Destroys a jewish theocracy in Northern Italy
32. The "jewish Fifth Column" in the Russian "orthodox" "church"
33. The jews Spread the Cult of Satan
34. The Church and the Christian States Build up their defence the great jewish revolution of the Middle Ages
35. An Archbishop and seven Bishops are accused of Lucifer worship
36. The 3rd Lateran Council bans the Bishops and Priests who support the Heresies, or do not oppose them energetically, and Deposes them
37. The Great Pope Innocent III and the Famous 4th Lateran Council declare for good and a duty; what the jews call "race hatred" and "anti-semitism"
38. Monks, nuns and prelates as Secret jews
39. jewish-Freemasonic Infiltration in the Jesuit Order
40. Conspiracies against History and the Rites
41. Errors of the nazis and Imperialists
42. Popes, Church Fathers, and Saints Combat and Condemn the jews
43. jewish-Christian "Brotherhoods"; Freemasonic Lodges with a New Stamp
44. "Friendly" jewish-Christian "Approaches"

~ ~ ~ ~

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